Business Success Stories

Whether you’re relocating or scaling your operation, you want a supportive local government to provide the ways and means for growth. This means encouraging businesses to develop, innovate, grow and prosper through tools and resources.

“I would recommend businesses seek Ipswich City Council as an initial point of contact in our region to gain insight in the region, education on business topics and connections to grow your brand and business into a successful venture.”

Belinda Howard

Founder, Create XP

“The progressive nature of Ipswich tourism, particularly in the event space was a major reason for relocating our family and purchasing the Quest Apartments in Ipswich.

We look forward to strengthening ties in the city and supporting ongoing initiatives.”

Adam French

Director, Quest Apartments Ipswich

“Ipswich City Council provided us a strong platform to grow our healthy pet treat business. We were able to use valuable resources such as mentors with extensive networks to strengthen our market share both domestically and internationally.”

Katharina von Heusinger

CEO and Co-Founder, The Golden Bone Bakery

“We are a proud Ipswich based business that has grown to a nationally recognised brand today.”

John O’Hara

Managing Director and CEO, Sunny Queen Australia

“It’s not all about the destination. Ipswich City Council partner has been an integral part of our business journey, providing a launch pad for learnings, connections and acceleration.”

Peter Bail

Founder and Director, Grow Logic

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